1. Love Finds A Way Alexander O'Neal 04:32

Alexander O’Neal is set to release his new single titled ‘Love Finds A Way’ on September 15th. The single is from his upcoming album ‘Testament’, dropping in 2024.

To say the history is steeped in his music is an understatement. The best thing I could say is it is ‘legend as a lifestyle’. But, that still doesn’t do it justice. With soul as the goal, Alexander takes his band of legends and makes a future classic with his signature sound and vivid voice in a way that is both subtle and poignant.

‘How can you see me, when you don’t know who I am. How can you need me, when I’m just a man’. Lyrics like that stay with you. Become a part of you. And guide you when you need them. In an age of memes and stolen quotes on social media, truer lyrics couldn’t be more understood.

There is, however, just as much emotion in the music as in the lyrics. The guitar cries with empathy and the rhythm solidifies the heart of the song. This is what good music can do when done by true musicians. It can make you a better listener.

About Alexander O’Neal

Alexander O’Neal really doesn’t need any introduction other than ‘Soul Legend’ and we are proud to present his stunning new single ‘Love Finds A Way’.

Written along with long time collaborators, Alexander and JV Johnston of Manchester’s ‘Mamma Freedom’ and featuring the band themselves, the track is a nod to the feel of classic 70’s Soul and the uplifting light and emotional power of Gospel which fuses O’Neal’s now wonderfully weathered, velvet toned voice with producer Alexander Johnston’s ‘Retro-Sonic’ production.

The track is taken from his forthcoming, long awaited new album ‘Testament’ coming in 2024.