Amelie Jat has premiered her new video for the track titled ‘You Ruined My Birthday’, both releasing tomorrow (March 31st).

Feeling both upbeat and dark in all the right places, Amelie takes the pop anthem into places not normally comfortable to go, but she goes there. And it works.

The video has that subtle adrenaline feel with a meaning added to the lyrics with images that interactively follow along. But the real magic is the whole presentation. This works. This is a snarky announcement that your next Spotify playlist is about to follow a new artist.

take this in and however you listen/watch, you will certainly remember that Amelie is an artist that takes her music on her own terms, and makes it yours.

About Amelie Jat

Following her autumn mixtape, ‘CINEMATIC!,’ that introduced fan favorites like “Faking Parties,” “Electric Butterflies,” and “Better,” she began 2023 by releasing the ‘Better’ EP to not only spotlight the original track, but to deliver two alternate versions. She also delivered a series of live sessions filmed at Half-ton studios in London that features “I’M OUT,” “Better,” and “Electric Butterflies” in addition to announcing her first headline show at the Dublin Castle in London on April 19th with support from Super Swamp Jellyfish. Jat has been starting 2023 off with a bang, and has no plans to let up any time soon! It’s been wonderful watching her blossom into her authentic sound while paving the way for other AAPI creatives to explore creating outstanding art in spaces that truly speak to them.

Jat packs the frustration of three consecutively ruined birthdays in this emo-kissed powerhouse pop-rock anthem. Putting too much pressure on one day makes things easy to go wrong; Jat wears her heart on her sleeve, embracing every emotion from bitterness to pettiness when someone purposefully tarnishes the one day that is supposed to belong to her.

Video Credits

Written, performed & produced by Amelie Jat
Produced & mixed by quietmoneymusic
Published by Sentric Publishing
Distributed by Singing Light
Mastered by Michael Scherchen

Video concept by Amelie Jat
Director – Amelie Jat
Cinematographer – Elliot Wallis
Grader – Steve Bearman
Filmed at the Troubadour, London