1. When I’m With You Kelsey Blackstone and Jason LaPierre 2:40

Bringing together the talents of Connecticut pop-jazz artist Jason LaPierre, and Bostonbased soul-pop artist Kelsey Blackstone, ‘When I’m With You’ pays tribute to a timeless musicality.

Featuring organic musicianship, smooth production and faultlessly meandering vocals, ‘When I’m With You’ kicks off the warmer seasons with a colourful big-band vibe that naturally enchants its audience.

The two creatives have been making music together since 2017, developing the strength of both their friendship and their songwriting abilities. The brand new single was ultimately crafted via Zoom, during the pandemic of 2020.

Releasing March 24th, ‘When I’m With You’ emerges perfectly in tune with the brighter seasons, offering a Spring-time groove and celebratory sentiment that naturally lifts the mood.

Promising a fresh twist on the familiar sound of 70s soul, with modern jazz and pop influences and an overall easy-listening embrace, the song hits the scene with a fine balance of optimism and reflective depth.

It’s a personal ode to a significant other, presented in a distinctly accessible, welcoming manner – making this an easy choice for romantics far and wide. The live-style energy is infectious, the genuine heart of the delivery proves simply joyful, and the whole arrangement – complete with its harmonies, poetic images and the timeless euphoria of love – leaves delight and possibility lingering in the air.

The new release will emerge along with an official video filmed at the iconic Olympia Diner in Berlin, CT.

SOURCE: Official Bio