1. Neck Verse Vol.2 Amii Dawes x Xeven 3:31

Xeven is an NYC-based alternative pop artist, electronic producer, singer-songwriter influenced by artists across many generations and genres. Her Music is intended to communicate emotion – whether simple or complex – it comes from her power in vulnerability.

Her production is inspired by legendary trip hop acts Massive Attack, Portishead, Tricky; synthwave acts Depeche Mode, Kavinsky; modern-day producers like SG Lewis, Kaytranada, Ben Kahn to name a few. Xeven’s songwriting is inspired by confessional and intense writing by the likes of David Bowie, Grace Jones, (John Anthony) Jack White, (Jillian Rose) BANKS, (Sevda Alizadeh) Sevdaliza.

Due to much of Xeven’s inspiration also being drawn from film, visual story-telling holds high importance in her self-expression. Aside from other responsibilities, Xeven creative directs her own music videos, making them an integral part of a complete experience.

SOURCE: Official Bio