Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Julia Othmer and James T Lundie, otherwise known as The Forcefields. As a new band, or musically dynamic duo, The Forcefields already have a solid footing in the music world via a combination of their collective history as well as a beyond solid start to their music with their debut single titled ‘Slip Away’ from their upcoming EP ‘Bridge’ dropping this spring.

‘Slip Away’ is a track that announces itself from that first bash and beat, letting you know that something new has arrived. It’s hard for a new band to find itself, but here they are in all their glory. A sweet combination of pop, rock, electronic, and solid songwriting, ‘Slip Away’ is an alternative to the alternative with a hook to dance to and a vibe to salute.

And, in this interview, we talk with Julia and James about ‘Slip Away’ as well as their beginnings, where they’re taking it, and everything in between.

About The Forcefields

On a dark night in North London, singer-songwriter Julia Othmer landed on the front steps of producer-composer James T Lundie. She had been introduced to his music production and fell so deeply in love with his sonic architecture, she transported herself across the proverbial pond from LA to the UK, and refused to leave until he listened to her songs.

This began a deeply creative and inspired partnership both in music and in life. Together they have released (under Julia’s name) studio recordings, live recordings, short films to accompany their work, a multi-media performance experience, and several social and environmental justice initiatives.

Inspired to take their collaboration to the next level, they are creating a new expanding sonic and visual aesthetic with their project: THE FORCEFIELDS. Their sound is evolving into what is described as Annie Lennox hosting a full moon party with The Beach Boys and Portishead gathered round the fire. Their studio recordings feature James’ unique sonic tools, reimagined vintage synthesizers, audio gear and rebuilt, one-of-a-kind instruments, heard nowhere else in the world.

Their debut EP, BRIDGE, (releasing in spring 2024) is a sonic bridge between their previous work together and this new trajectory. Reinterpreting and distilling the essence of two of Julia’s previous songs, BRIDGE is a rhythmic, multi-layered and richly textured exploration of letting go and positive self realization.

“Slip Away” has a throbbing heartbeat which enhances the immediacy of the narrative. Climbing, searching, rising and falling with each pulse, the richly textured arrangements and vocal harmonies create an architecture of sound. James weaves a dynamic audio tapestry, at times descending into madness, keeping the listener on their toes. With every listen, there is more to discover.

After attending APAP in January, The Forcefields are mapping out an adventurous itinerary in the States and overseas. US dates in the spring will lead to a summer tour in the UK, France and Germany. They will release their full-length album over the next year accompanied by short films showcasing the visual aspect of their storytelling.

Julia Othmer

Known for the intensity of her stage presence and dynamic performances, Othmer is one of seven artists selected to represent the USA for Global Music Match 2021, a 2022 Official Showcasing Artist at Folk Alliance International, and a M-AAA Artist Leadership Fellow 2023. Her award-winning music has been featured on NPR and the BBC, in film, TV, and video games. She tours internationally and has shared the stage with a range of artists including Emmylou Harris, Sarah McLachlan, The Alarm and Regina Spektor.

James T Lundie

James T Lundie is an innovative composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, videographer, songwriter, and designer. James has created music for film, television, audio branding, and international publicity campaigns for the likes of the BBC, Budweiser, Johnnie Walker, Honda and Toshiba. His work features bespoke audio equipment, re-imagined vintage gear, and instruments of his own creation.