Razor Braids has today released their new single titled ‘It Goes Quiet’ from their upcoming album titled ‘Big Wave’ dropping June 7th.

A quiet cacophony that tells a story of vulnerability at that moment of emotional surrender lends credence and association via a suave mix of vocal poetry amidst a musical soundscape that feels as subtly intimate as the emotions it conveys.

Razor Braids has that certain way about them with their musical delivery. Their music fits as well in local clubs and pubs as it does in front of 40,000 people. It’s there, without any announcement. It permeates as it breathes the air around you yet remains unobtrusive. Like a trusted old friend you feel safe around.

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About Razor Braids & ‘It Goes Quiet’

Brooklyn’s up and coming rising pop-rock unit Razor Braids consists heavily of roaring queer feminine energy. With soaring harmonies and a magnetic sound, the three piece offers a cathartic sound unlike any other. Recently performing at 2023 SXSW and 2023 Boston Calling opening for The National and Foo Fighters, Razor Braids have also received praise from Brooklyn Vegan, Philthy Mag, Analogue Trash, and Creem Magazine to name a few.

As of right now, Razor Braids are gearing up for the release of their sophomore album Big Wave. A glittery yet intense roller coaster ride through self acceptance, the project explores themes of passion, joy, despondence, and confusion, and will be unveiled on June 7, 2024.

“It Goes Quiet” is a heartfelt love song about the fragile moments associated with falling in love. An emotional vignette about dimming the voice in the back of your head and focusing fully on your partner, the new track sonically evokes Alvvays with a twang of Japanese Breakfast. Though elements of the track’s production take on a grungier edge similar to the likes of Liz Phair or Mazzy Star. A tune for the romantics, “It Goes Quiet” signifies the turning away of intrusive thoughts and allowing yourself to be enamored by the beauty and bliss of affection.