Singing competitions, like ‘American Idol’, ‘X-Factor’, ‘So You Think You Can Sing,’ and others, attract tens of thousands of would-be future ‘Grammy winners’, who are left unselected and disappointed. But Gene Cartwright, a Pulitzer-nominated author, former Oprah guest author, and media producer, is offering new hope for many.

While Simon Cowel, and ‘American Idol,’ have little to worry about, the ‘My Songs, My Music, Your Voice’ campaign on IndieGoGo, is definitely a unique approach to discovering, recording and promoting deserving singing talent. Thanks to IndieGoGo, and this campaign, which concludes in late October, the public now has a direct means of helping to discover great singing talent—and getting recognition for it. How? By participating, and reaping rewards—perks. Cartwright insists, that while his voice and music are heard on the demo video here, his will in no way be, ‘The Voice.’

Charmaine Sylvers, formerly, of the top, family Pop/R&B/Soul group, ‘The Sylvers,’ has signed on as one of the judges, and believes this unique project is “a winner”. Other past and current music insiders/artists will be added to the list, and posted on the project site.

Campaign creator, Cartwright and his talented team stress: “We want to make clear, this is not simply a project to finance some limited vanity goal, but to give back by discovering great talent.” The project team invites all to see, hear, and judge—the campaign, that is. They point out that the “stirring song, ‘Live’,” in the presentation video, “is the title song in the album to be produced for the discovered talent.”

The full story is spelled out in great detail at IndieGoGo’s ‘My Songs, My Music, Your Voice.’

The ‘My Songs, My Music, Your Voice’ project team makes clear they have only three (3) goals:

  1. Find ‘The Voice’ (to record in English and Spanish).
  2. Produce a CD Single and Album.
  3. Promote the newly-found talent to the record industry, while also releasing the music to the world.

The Project Manager says: “This album will happen. The only question for talent out there is: will she or he be a part of this new approach to discovering great music talent? Let the auditions begin!”