Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with the Sydney, Australia based band known as Eunuchs. To say that this band is original would be an understatement and, well, kind of a disservice to both the music and the band itself. I think of them as musical explorers. They explore the space they make for themselves with as much originality and creativity as they were each given at birth.

There new single, released today, titled ‘Magic Death Sea Nemesis’, is just the latest piece of evidence that shows just that. As much a seamless genre hopper as it is a modern creative masterpiece, this conjures up feelings and memories of the originality greats such as The Velvet Underground and Fishbone. Yet, Eunuchs are in THEIR own creative headspace. Not to be disturbed, but distributed.

‘Magic Death Sea Nemesis’ is the gateway drug for their upcoming album titled ‘Harbour Century’, dropping April 5th, 2024. And, in this interview, we talk with the band about that album, the new single, their origins, their originality, and life itself. This is not to be missed. They are as original in life as they are in music.

About Eunuchs & ‘Harbour Century’

Sydney-based art rock collective, Eunuchs, is set to unveil their sophomore record, “Harbour Century.” Marking the culmination of a musical journey that began in primary school when childhood friends, Linus Hilton and Kristo Langker, initially bonded over stumbling through AC/DC covers. Reflecting on the band’s evolution, drummer and writer Kristo Langker shares: “We’ve known each other since a young age. Over the years, more session musicians were lucky enough to write for a wider variety of instruments, which led us to make decisions on what instruments we like the most, which at the point of recording was harp and saxophone Quartet”.

The accidental emergence of a theme led to the album’s title – ‘Harbour Century’. Each song delves into symbolic stories of lies, ruses, scams, tricks, and boat crashes, drawing inspiration from the band’s impressions and interpretations of Sydney’s landscapes and characters.

‘Harbour Century’ is a manifestation of the odd personalities Eunuchs encountered in Sydney and the truthfully ambiguous stories they’ve embraced. Lead singer Linus Hilton recounts: “I went to a fortune teller who urged me to release 55 minutes and 55 seconds of impressive music within the next year for great luck over the next 55 years.” Motivated by this revelation, the band embarked on 55 days of intense music writing, capturing the essence of Sydney. In a way, it reflected with lush arrangements, incorporating dozens of instruments like harp, vibraphone, and horns.

“We were trying to combine the harmonic density and rich orchestration of 20th-century classical composers with the intensity and focus of modern pop production.” – explains Kristo. While textural work was influenced by band’s guitarist, Enzo Legge and his experience of working as a bush regenerator and landscaper. “No forced lyrics will ever beat the inspiration you get from coming across a very short man dressed in robes in the outskirts of Sydney.” – jokingly explains Enzo.

In a unique twist, the band drew inspiration not only from musical sources but also from the built environment around Sydney Harbour, local businesses, and memorable characters. As Kristo Langker elaborates, “We recorded some parts of the record underwater in Sydney Harbour, using a hydrophone.”

“Harbour Century” is a sonic exploration of Sydney’s depths, bringing crooning and maximalism back with a backdrop of stormwater drains, dimly lit back rooms, and mossy rock pools. Pre-order ‘Harbour Century’ coming out April 5th, 2024 via Bandcamp HERE.

Featured image by Kirsten Felice.

Track List

'Harbour Century' cover.
‘Harbour Century’ cover.
  1. Magic Death Sea Nemesis
  2. Pat a Dragon
  3. Estuary of Dreams
  4. Siren
  5. Magnificent Stallion
  6. Gnome and Fortune
  7. Bird Angel Dynasty
  8. Hierophant
  9. Heroin King