Stuck In The Sound has today released their new album titled ’16 Dreams A Minute’ via Upton Park. Such a unique blend of style and substance. That was my first guttural reaction on that initial listen. Almost an emotion as motion is music feeling, if that makes sense.

Each track is a chapter in a riff/electronic fueled opus of sounds abound and atmospheric chaos all contained with each and every song. While each song flows from on to the next, every track has it’s own distinct sound and feeling.

Take from that what you will, but Stuck In The Sound are already on my best of 2024 list.

About ’16 Dreams A Minute’

In order to challenge themselves, Stuck In The Sound abandoned their traditional formulas. 16 Dreams A Minute maintains an alternative approach detaching itself from indie rock’s rigidities while including punk tinged tracks.

As a producer and collaborator, Ash Workman (Christine & The Queens, Metronomy, Ghost Poet, The Shoes) further pushed Stuck In The Sound’s comfort zone on the band’s latest record.

With the pandemic as a backdrop, this album features punk frenzy tinted tracks as well as haunting post-apocalyptic tunes.

Breakup sentiments are also present in the record. Anger, bitterness, nostalgia, resignation, and reconstruction all play a role in the grieving process after the end of a relationship. All of these feelings are reflected in the album’s ebbs and flows, including feelings of love, teenage romance, and romantic wandering.

The human condition’s fragility is best reflected by the challenges we face on a personal and universal level. Consequently, these sixteen songs on 16 Dreams A Minute represent sixteen dreams that emerge and vanish every minute in a world that is profoundly changing.

About Stuck In The Sound

Paris-based indie rock band Stuck in the Sound formed in 2001.

Stuck In The Sound gained fame on the French indie scene through the tours for their first albums (Nevermind the Living Dead in 2006, Shoegazing Kids in 2009, and Pursuit in 2012). North and South American audiences began to take notice after the track “Let’s Go” became a huge success in France and abroad.

With SXSW, The New Colossus Festival, as well as shows in Mexico in the winter and spring of 2024, Stuck In The Sound is ready to take North America by storm.

Featured image by Ella Hermë.