Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Jon Cattivera from Time Spent Driving. To say that you are going to enjoy this interview would be an understatement. Jon is one of those musicians that ‘gets it’. He understands and appreciates what it takes to make a footprint in the music industry and is also happy where his band is at this moment. Taking thins at your own pace is paramount if you want to be happy where you are and be heading in the direction you want to be headed.

Time Spent Driving’s latest album, ‘Estrangers’, is a perfect example of a near perfect album born out of that said passion explained above, from a band that knows it need to answer to anyone but themselves. And it totally works for all of us. It is a beautiful and varied album.

In this interview, we talk with Jon about that creation process that led up to ‘Estrangers’ as well as those origins of Time Spent Driving and where things are headed as well as a few things mainly gearheads will understand, but all will appreciate. Enjoy!

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About Time Spent Driving

Formed in 1999 in the SF Bay Area, Time Spent Driving’s brand of emotive indie-rock helped to define the era of what many today would call “real” emo.

In 2000, they released their 6-song debut “Walls Between Us”, followed by their phenomenal full-length “Just Enough Bright” in 2002 (Produced by J Robbins). Their music has been released and distributed on Sessions, Doghouse, Deep Elm, Rise, Cardigan, and Lorelei Records.

The band gained a loyal following by touring the US and Europe relentlessly, and being featured on Xbox video games “Amp’d Snowboarding” and “Transworld Surf,” soundtracks. They went on an untimely hiatus 2003, briefly reconvening in 2005 to release “I’m Your Stab in the Back”, a collection of 7 new songs plus bonus tracks. In 2012 they reformed and put out a new full-length album entitled “Passed and Presence in 2015 with glowing reviews. They’ve since signed with Negative Progression Records.

Featured image by Lindsey Lu Photography.