Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Producer/Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist, and indie label CEO Tomás Doncker, curator of The True Groove All-Stars.

Tomás is an artist that shows massive talent and originality on every level in everything he does. The True Groove All-Stars is a monster (stream below). Just check out our early review of it HERE. His list of collaborators and cohorts is as huge as it is impressive.

Having just released his new EP titled ‘Driving Through Limbo Vol.1’, the first of three, Tomás was gracious enough to talk with us about the new and upcoming EPs as well as his take on the music industry and a lot more. To be honest, the interview turned into a really good conversation that I learned a lot from. You have to check it out above.

About Tomás Doncker & The True Groove All-Stars

Producer/Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist, and indie label CEO, Tomás Doncker has been a mover and innovator on the New York music, arts, and culture scenes for almost four decades. In addition to helming his own band, Tomás Doncker & The True Groove All-Stars, he’s collaborated with luminaries such as Bootsy Collins, Patti Smith, Meshell Ndegeocello, Ivan Neville, Bonnie Raitt and Pulitzer Prize winning poet Yusef Komunyakaa on dozens of critically acclaimed music and multi-media projects—all tied together by the common thread of Global Soul.

His new release, Driving Through Limbo, fits in seamlessly with the lineage created by soul singer-guitarist-songwriters like Curtis Mayfield, Johnny Guitar Watson, Chuck Brown, and Bobby Womack.

Driving Through Limbo Vol. 1, the new EP from Tomás Doncker & The True Groove All-Stars, fuses an all-new set of post-modern grooves spun off the deep legacy of ‘70s soul and vintage R&B. “Limbo is the place where we all seem to be right now,” Doncker muses on the first installment in a trilogy of thematically connected EPs (slated to culminate as a double-vinyl release).

“It’s as if, globally, society is waiting for the other shoe to drop—politically, personally, all of it. We don’t know where we’re going, as humanity. I don’t think we’ve ever truly known, but at this point trying to divine the next phase of our collective existence is impossible. It’s a very anxious time for everyone.”

Earworms abound as Doncker culls essences from across the music spectrum to create a magical feeling that belies a serious message. “I’ve always believed the job of an artist to is to flex and hopefully shine light in the darkness in which we exist. That’s part of the job, if not the main job. This is very much where the True Groove All-Stars are.

It’s the statement we want to make right now, it’s where we’re going. We’re trying to navigate through a dark and confusing time. Some of us are driving, some are running, but we’ve all got to keep moving to see our way through.