GUISE has released her new video for the single titled ‘Wish’ via Xtra Mile Recordings. To say this song was hard to write must be a monumental understatement. I, myself, am in the transition of losing my father to Parkinson’s and Dementia, and find it nearly impossible to tell him all the things I want to. Or is there anything left to say? GUISE (a.k.a. Jess) finds that courage and gets it past the lump in her throat to make a beautiful dive into music making as somber confessional, which is as brave as it is bold. Some people have to do this, not only as an expression, but as an example. This is perfect for both.

About GUISE & ‘Wish’

Written as a conversation with her late father, it finds Jess reminiscing on the immortal memories they shared together, while wondering what he would have made of the way her life has turned out since. As she explains:

“”Wish” is a conversation with my Dad, who died suddenly when I was 18. It’s my best attempt at expressing the continued pain of losing someone you love, and what it’s been like learning to carry that love around without him still being here to receive it. Music was a shared language for us and this is the closest I can get to feeling like I’m still actually talking to him. He was the wisest person I’ve ever known and navigating the world without his advice has been a hard and relentless challenge, really. I always, always want to know what he’d think, especially about what I write.”

“Wish” will strike a resonant chord with anyone who has experienced the hollow emptiness that comes with such a loss. Paired with spacious pianos, restrained mandolins, and slow-burning strings, together they create a hushed atmosphere that allows Jess’ conversation to speak volumes. Produced and mixed by Lukas Drinkwater, “Wish” was mastered by Frank Turner.

“I was already proud of this song” Jess adds, “but recording it with my dear friend Lukas Drinkwater, who connected to it so personally and brought some completely fresh ideas to the table along with his incredible musicianship, has resulted in something that neither of us expected. It was such a joy to see the song grow in the studio like that, and I think it’s become my favourite thing I’ve made to date. I’m about as sure as I can ever be that my Dad would like this one.”

“Wish” is the first material from Guise since the 2022 studio album ‘Youngest Daughter’. An autobiographical, story-so-far record filled with honest, personal, and self-deprecating songs told with warmth and humor, it was described by Jess as a “wander through the various ways I’ve tried to follow my heart over the years”. An album that put its heart on its sleeve, it featured the pop perfection of previous singles ‘The Boy & The Thief’, ‘Don’t Come Back’ and the Emily Barker-backed tenderness of ‘I Know When You Leave’.