1. Rainbow Cemetery Anam Stone Jet 3:38

Anam Stone Jet has released their new single and video titled ‘Rainbow Cemetery’. Filled with unbiased energy and superpsychadeliclisticexpialidocious (look it up), bundled into 3:38 of guitar driven sonic bliss, we get a psychedelic banger timeless at the core and effortless around the edges. My new favorite band.

About Anam Stone Jet

Hailing from Naarm/Melbourne, Anam Stone Jet is the rock’n’roll three-piece that you’d mistake for a band straight out of the 1960s.

A mixture of reverberating guitar, heavy bass lines and eccentric drum patterns, Anam Stone Jet revives the sounds of rock legends akin to Bob Dylan, David Bowie and Led Zeppelin. Released on February 23, their latest single ‘Rainbow Cemetery’ and accompanying music video is full of storytelling, eclectic riffs and the wanderlust for the summer of love.

Off the bat from their first release ‘My Back Is Killing Me’, the alt/ rock outfit is only making a start. The band is made up of singer-songwriter and guitarist Keyo Rhodes (he/him), Paige Stanley (she/her) on bass and Ismar Tuzlukovic (he/him) on percussion. With Rhodes’ prolific writing, the forces are stronger now with Tuzlukov and Stanley adding their songwriting skills and musical talent to the bands new tracks that ooze musical inspiration from the past, with a twist within their lyrics relating to the modern day.

‘Rainbow Cemetery’ is exactly what you are looking for in a rock tune. From the moment you pop the song on, the riffs are rich in anticipation of what’s to come. Accompanied by steady drums that crash into a groove with a bass-heavy line driving the track, ‘Rainbow Cemetery’ is like a full-bodied red wine. If you don’t find yourself moving to this song by the first few chords, the echoing chorus will gently carry you into the next all-encompassing verse.

The rumbling rhythm of droning guitar solos that oozes the influence of Jimi Hendrix melds perfectly with the resonating vocals of Rhodes. Punch lyrics take you through a winding journey through the summer of love. ‘Rainbow Cemetery’ is a homage to rock ’n’ roll idols, and what is possibly waiting for us at the end of life.

When asked about ‘Rainbow Cemetery’ Rhodes states:

“Why should the end be symbolized by dismal weather and shades of shadows when life is so full of the spectrum of light which you see, make and live in. To what end is the end, truly? Rainbow Cemetery is the imaginary party that we hope to find at the end of our conscience and a homage to rock ‘n’ roll idols who have opened the world to feelings, questions, fashions and imaginations, which without our perspectives might be much narrower and less curious.

These revelations in entertainment shaped many aspects of the modern world. As time goes on and the pace of our world quickens with every day drawing nearer to the end of rock ‘n’ roll’s pioneers, poets and musicians. Imagine a Rainbow Cemetery with all your favorite dead artists and a party to the end of time. And live again, every day the sun comes up, after the end of the day, while the color is there for you to see, live again.”

Already enchanting audiences with their live performance and first release, Anam Stone Jet is carving the Australian music landscape with rock roots. Their songs are abundant with authenticity. Covering raw experiences of social observation, politics, heartbreak and justice, layered with the entrancing instrumental of ‘Rainbow Cemetery’, let the track take you to another dimension.