The Nile Club has released their new video for the track titled ‘Black Knight’. That feeling of being f*cked by the system finally has a catchy anthem to vent our frustrations; or at least something to pipe through the earbuds during our shooting sprees.

Anyway, we get a guitar driven banger fit for the masses and meant for the stage with our fists in the air and our feet in the grave. Or is it the other way around? Listen and find out.

About The Nile Club

The Nile Club is a band who writes and self records music for all. Named after an abandoned pyramid-shaped nightclub in Wisconsin, they deliver a noisy and chaotic take on indie music.

The band’s latest album “Wake Up With A Sense Of Pride” was self-produced primarily by Sam, Marcie, Samwise, and Chai in the years following high school. The album finds the band in an uncertain place, a place of change and turmoil. Halfway through writing the album, the band members moved from their respective homes in West Bend and Madison to Milwaukee, where they fully fleshed-out and recorded the project.

The multiple moves, fluctuating band personnel, and the altering of the final track list delayed the album’s release significantly. Recording and mixing the record across a changing cast of attics, basements, and bedrooms also posed its challenges.

The sound of the final product is the result of this turmoil. Songs about loss, change, the vices of the adult world, and questioning self identity show the struggles and fears of four losers from rural Wisconsin facing real life for the first time. The album’s noisier and heavier sound reflects the Milwaukee indie scene that it was completed on. Each song was written and recorded in a slightly different place and time, creating a distinct difference between tracks.

The last track of the album, No Forgives, although it is a story of spite and exasperation, also puts a positive and empowering spin on the band’s move to Milwaukee and the transition to a new life for every member, turning a project fraught with conflict and inconsistency into a piece of work they can be proud of.