1. Black BMW Angelo Basham & Kirsty 2:49

At the time, he was more of an outsider, but unlike others, he always knew he wanted to be different and create something of his own, something big. It was his brother who brought him home track IDs from nightclubs and dance events he attended and eventually showed him a program to produce music himself. The bond between the brothers was strengthened through trips to Ibiza, where they further explored the world of dance music, which eventually led to Angelo DJing sets at prestigious clubs.

Today, the sympathetic business student, BMW enthusiast and music producer from Berlin is on the fast track to galactic success. Not only collaborations with artists like Felix Jaehn, Mesto and newcomer pop stars like Cloudy June, but also gigs at the famous Bora Bora Ibiza in his youth make Angelo Basham (formerly Angelo Huth) the new rising artist from Germany. With his advising father by his side, who had success with the topline of “Barbra Streisand” by Duck Sauce among others, Angelo Basham has become a prominent producer in the scene.

On his latest releases, he produced American actress and DJane Lauren Mayhew with his festival anthem “I’m Living” and Brazilian singer F.R.ED on the record “Peça Única” and to date has amassed over 700,000 streams on Spotify alone.

About Kirsty

May we introduce? This is Kirsty – a 23-year-old singer-songwriter from the Netherlands with French roots, who has been living in Berlin for three years. Growing up in a family where instruments and singing played a big role fostered Kirsty’s love for music, so she started making her own music at a young age.

Performing on stage at recitals, musicals and even scoring a Dutch commercial for the Dr. Oetker company were an integral part of her childhood. However, being from a small town, it wasn’t easy for her to pursue a creative career after high school. Instead, Kirsty began a bachelor’s degree in International Business at the age of 17.

During this study, Kirsty was able to quickly expand her horizons and move to Amsterdam and Sweden, which helped her grow and become more open-minded. In the final stages of her studies, Kirsty came to Berlin. Although she didn’t originally plan to stay, Kirsty was quickly drawn to the city’s vibrant music scene and atmosphere.

She graduated in 2020 and soon entered the business world to earn a living. However, she soon realized how valuable time is and how important it is to let your true passions guide you. Now she’s here to share that passion with us.

SOURCE: Official Bio