Cade Hoppe has today released his new single titled ‘Labels’. I’ve known for a while that Cade has a solid musical style and signature sound, but, with ‘Labels’, I hear that next step, or hint of next steps.

That mix of evolving musical maturity and unrestrained creativity, we hear a Cade in transition. Unbound, or unchained, however you like.

And what a coincidence that we get that with a song about putting labels on people. That very need for definition within society’s realms. With a song about looking for reassurance sung by Cade’s low ended vocals is as beautiful as it is meaningful. This is what a song should be. On many levels.

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About Cade Hoppe & ‘Labels’

New York-based indie-pop singer and songwriter Cade Hoppe is kicking off the new year with his new single, “Labels,” out on all streaming platforms today. With two EPs and a fistful of highly praised releases under his belt, the 23-year-old singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist continues to prove himself as an exciting and determined young talent with each new release.

Cade teamed up with his frequent collaborator and co-producer Harper James (Eighty Ninety, James Bay, Aaron Taos) on “Labels.” With its driving synth-pop production and anthemic instrumentation combined with Cade’s distinct baritone vocals, the track is an instantly addictive listening experience.

“This is a song about having a relationship with someone that will never give you the reassurance you need — and then finding a way to justify that in order to have that relationship at all,” Cade says. “You keep telling yourself that you don’t need a label until you might actually believe it.”