Anisha LaBelle has released her new single titled ‘Liquor’. Rebuilt via personal transformation and rerecorded from love of the track, Anisha brings a signature sound to a track that grew up with her; sonically and personally.

Take that for what you will, but what we have here is a sign of an artist flexing her wings for the first time. That time in one’s life where you realize what and who you want to be. This song is but a timestamp for that process. That makes me want to hear the original version just to hear the growth.

About Anisha LaBelle

Anisha LaBelle is a 21 year old up-and-comer with a desire to share her ability to smile during dark times. Her lyricism contains the vulnerability many listeners have come to enjoy in recent memory, as she finds a way to capture the light, airy nature of older generations of pop music with the R&B and rap influences of today’s music.

Surrounded by sunny synths and rhythm-heavy melodies, her vocals act as a paintbrush dancing across a blank canvas with vividly bright colors; instilling the same sense of hope within a listener that the writer herself has. Her first release began in 2021 with a 5-song E.P. titled “P.S”. Since then she’s released multiple singles, and most recently appeared in a music video for her first collaboration song “Trip”, remixed by the rap group UnW1nted. Her debut album “Heart Expansion” will be released by early 2023.