Dr. Veers has released their album titled ‘Deep Glue Sea’. Taking risks at times while remaining rooted in the pantheon of alt-indie respectability, there is a feeling of veering off the beaten path of independent music rules with some of the musical choices.

That is a good thing, however, because, all too many times, artists tend to go the safe route in regards to their own music. Dr. Veers have this way about them in which those risks not only feel natural, they feel welcoming. Whether its a chord change, lyrical choice, melody, or hook placement, Dr. Veers not only think outside the box, they piss on it.

About Dr. Veers

Dr. Veers are an alternative rock band from Glasgow, Scotland who love sleeping and hate working.

Their debut EP ‘Who Owns the Moon?’, released during the height of the pandemic in 2020, received critical acclaim from their mothers, getting over 10,000 streams. Wishing to explore new musical territory, the band financially crippled themselves in order to record their more alternative debut album, which is due to be released autumn 2022. Recorded under intense time constraints, with their lead singer needing to make it to South Korea for his wedding, the band recorded 12 songs in 10 days. These songs retain the band’s pop sensibilities from their EP, but with a darker and more alternative sound.

Now living on the streets, the band have finally released their debut album ‘Deep Glue Sea’. The first single ‘Microsleep’, became a minor hit in Switzerland, while their second single, ‘Everything Slowly’ is now an anthem amongst buckfast lovers in Glasgow. ‘Big Star’, a song about childhood, shows off Dr. Veers’ softer side and the fourth single from the album, ‘Pedalo’, has been added to many big-hitting playlists and has had significant radio airplay.