1. The Storm Arjuna Oakes & John Psathas 00:30
  2. Craving The World Arjuna Oakes & John Psathas 00:30
  3. Until You Arjuna Oakes & John Psathas 00:30
  4. Run Arjuna Oakes & John Psathas 00:30
  5. Twilight Fade Arjuna Oakes & John Psathas 00:30

Arjuna Oakes & John Psathas are set to drop their new collaborative effort named ‘Sierra’ on January 12th. A smooth combination of Jazz, Greek Folk, Lounge and Blue Eyed Soul, just to name a few, from masterful artists with two distinct backgrounds.

A world flair with underground feel, ‘Sierra’ is an EP you can get lost in and want more and more and more. The varied songwriting and pure experimentation brought by each artist is captivating and will relax you as much as it will enthrall.

About Arjuna Oakes & John Psathas

Rising star Arjuna Oakes and renowned composer John Psathas return for a new collaborative project ‘Sierra’ after their underground hit ‘Future Lullaby’. Fusing Greek folk instrumentation with modern Jazz and recorded live in Athens’ iconic Sierra Studios, this EP brings together electrifying musicians from New Zealand and Greece to experiment and express themselves through the lens of Oakes and Psathas’ compositions.

After creating the music in a remote beach town in New Zealand, Arjuna and John assembled an all star lineup of musical talent to bring the music to life, including New Zealand drummer Sam Notman, and renowned Greek musicians Harris Lambrakis (Ney), Kyriakos Tapakis (Oud), Vagelis Karipis (Percussion) and Dimitris Tsekouras (Upright Bass). Recorded by legendary audio engineer George Kariotis over two days, the EP is a testament to each player’s unique musical voice and their ability to forge a common language out of musical traditions found at opposite ends of the earth.

Tracks such as ‘Run’ and ‘Craving the World’ are bursting with a vibrant creative energy, only achievable by having a one-time-only gathering of these master musicians together in one room. More introspective tracks such as “Until You” have a raw honesty, a hallmark of Oakes’ and Psathas’ unique songwriting relationship. Lyrically, the EP explores themes of isolation and an ever-shifting global situation, exploiting Arjuna’s soaring vocals to express a sense of yearning for more from life and from the future.