Ukrainian metal juggernaut Scarleth makes a triumphant return with their latest single, “Коли Прийде День” (“When the Day Comes” in English). Following the success of their 2019 album “Vortex,” Scarleth continues to captivate audiences with their native Ukrainian language, delivering a powerful anthem symbolizing unwavering hope amidst the turmoil of war.

​Scarleth’s commitment to the transformative power of music shines through in “When the Day Comes” expressing a profound belief in a peaceful future. The track blends powerful melodies, intricate instrumentation, and poignant lyrics, showcasing Scarleth’s musical prowess and dedication to addressing meaningful themes.

Renowned for their dynamic sound spanning heavy metal, power metal, and symphonic metal, Scarleth stands out as a leading force in the global metal scene. The success of their previous album “Vortex” solidified their status as a flagship act under Rockshots Records. With “When the Day Comes”, Scarleth continues to inspire and resonate with fans worldwide.

This song symbolizes the invincible hope of people who live in a country engulfed in war. Scarleth sincerely believes that a peaceful future awaits all of us ahead.

Playing music on the joint of modern heaviness and diverse melodicism, for the time being, the band has played several hundreds of live shows, and released three full-length albums worldwide, (“Break The Silence” / 2011, “The Silver Lining” / 2015, “Vortex” / 2019) and took part in many festivals. The band’s style is expanding constantly and represents a mind-blowing mixture of many melodic genres – from power, folk, doom, and gothic metal to modern/progressive metal. The band completely deserves to be called one of the most outstanding young musical representatives of its style.

SOURCE: Official Bio