Arto Vaun has released his new single titled ‘Build Your Own Fever’ from the upcoming album ‘Stuck Inside a Map’. Arto has a style about him that shows a lucid combination of songwriter and presenter of stories. Think of that magic time of musical transition in the mid nineties when the alternative settled and found it’s footing while the ‘grunge’ era faded into legend.

With ‘Build My Own Fever’, we get a glimpse of a personal life in struggle and transition with a realization of what the world is and an individual’s place in it.

There is somewhat of a musical lineage to ‘Build My Own Fever’ that bridges the retro style with a modern tinge that makes this song fit perfectly with the indie of today while looking ahead at the bright spots for those artists tomorrow. This is what a song should be.

About ‘Build My Own Fever’

‘Build My Own Fever’ is the third track and off of Arto’s debut project Stuck Inside a Map, set to release July of this year. The project is the result of around 6 years of somewhat reclusive songwriting while he was overseas and grappling with loss, grief, anger, and rebirth. It’s an album that signals me coming out of a decades-long fog brought on by the high dose of tragedy, upheaval and PTSD he experienced in his teens through 30s.

Speaking on the track, Arto said “I wrote ‘Build My Own Fever’ partly as a response to feeling overwhelmed by all the uncertainty in the world lately, and the sensory overload we’re all dealing with. It’s about trying to stay grounded even when things feel untethered and chaotic, and finding perspective to see the universality and connectedness between and around us all”.

About Arto Vaun

Arto Vaun is a multicultural songwriter/musician and poet from Boston, MA. With his first project, a duo called Mishima USA, he played shows with artists like Rufus Wainwright, Ben Kweller, Daniel Johnston, Wheat, Kimya Dawson, War on Drugs, Mark Eitzel, and Wheat. Then life took him overseas for over 12 years, where he wrote a book of poems, finished a PhD in Creative Writing, and was an English lit professor. But he was writing songs nonstop.

In 2013, he released The Cynthia Sessions. Now he’s back with Stuck Inside a Map (out in July 2024).