Songwriters write songs to tell stories and express feelings; few songwriters make you feel like a character in the story, feelings and all. Of those exceptions includes Nashville-based singer/songwriter, Arum Rae.

Born in Colorado Springs and with multiple moves throughout her life, Arum Rae is a recent transplant to Music City. From the humble beginnings of school choir to singing at Berklee College of Music and dancing at Boston Conservatory, she truly submersed herself into the arts. A curious and observant person, Arum uses the vehicle of songwriting to reflect on her journeys; allowing you to live vicariously through her music. Fast-forward to today, and she’s already made a notable career for herself. From having her music featured on various TV shows (Shameless, The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars) to opening for acts including BB King, Maggie Rogers, and Willie Nelson, Arum is a force to be reckoned with.

Arum released her latest album Loose Ends back in February 2023, produced and co-written with Wesley Schultz (The Lumineers) and David Baron. The 11-tracks on the album are rooted in stories of loss, hope, and transformation, each delivered with exquisite nuance.

The album’s title track chronicles handling new beginnings while on your own terms. Arum’s lyrics puts things into perspective such as:

Just pulled up into Baker Street town gonna start a new life
Kept on driving till the gas ran out, left it at the stop light

With new scenery comes new people, experiences, and even occupations. Moving to somewhere new may mean finding whatever job you can. For example:

The hungry mouths at the Hickory House, name tag on my shirt
Serving French toast in the middle of the night
Always felt so absurd
But I’m beginning

Ultimately, a lot of people are scared of changing scenery either because someone discourages them or you sike yourself out. You just have to go for it, no matter what. As put in the track’s chorus:

Hey we’re not dead on arrival
Put some away in a hotel bible
Baby be like dominoes
All we do is fight
Drink the poison but we won’t go blind
No loose ends

Arum Rae on the album’s title track – “It’s about starting over. As someone who has moved almost every year of her life since I was in Kindergarden, you realize that you can not only survive starting all over, but you can do it on your own terms and no preacher on TV or your past stories need to justify or define you and where you want to go or who you want to be… with no Loose Ends”.

Looking ahead, Arum is continuing to establish herself in her new home base of Nashville.

“Loose Ends” and the whole album (of the same title) are available everywhere. To purchase on vinyl, click HERE.

Featured image by Kara Counard.