Income inequality, the history behind growing and selling marijuana in the US, anti-theism, and the value of independent thought are predominate themes on Austin Galante’s newly released The Law of Truly Large Numbers. “Millionaire” talks about democratic socialism. Austin directed and produced the video for “Millionaire.” He flew to Vegas with his buddy to shoot on location with just a backpack of gear.

“It’s definitely more political than my first solo album. Americans who hope to become millionaires should be also contributing to the socioeconomic safety nets that protect the masses. It comes down to everything from our healthcare to our parks. Wealth should be treated with responsibility. Images of lifestyles in popular culture often convey wealth without responsibility” he says.

“The Law of Truly Large Numbers” showcases rock, trip-hop, and rap elements. DJ Jethro mixed and mastered “The Law of Truly Large Numbers” and played guitar on it.

Austin produced and directed videos for the singles “Millionaire,” “I Was Not Born with Sin,” “Light it Up,” and “Drones”.