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Austin Galante was a front man for the band Bad Fathers, which MTV gave kudos to when they created buzz on Vans’ Warped Tour by donning loincloths during their pulse-pounding shows. Austin has recently been working on his Hip hop and EDM music and video solo projects.

Austin Galante’s new Album “Herculadium” just released 2022.


Young Buck from G-Unit, 2022 Grammy Nominee Jeff Ryon, Sum Kid, Rahlan Kay, Animosity, and Juan Hooks.

5 music videos have been released for the album Herculadium. Austin is soon to release new songs and video’s featuring Canibus, Grammy nominee Yuckmouth, Tragedy Khadafi, and Swifty McVay of D-12 (Eminem’s project group)

Austin Galante’s notable accomplishments​

  • Song “Bragging Rights” with Grammy award-winning artist Cee-Lo Green of Gnarls Barkley and Goodie Mob
  • Song“Corinthian Leather” with Slim Kid Tre of the legendary hip-hop group Pharcyde
  • Three independent, full-length, self-produced albums
  • One American tour, including 21 dates on Vans’ Warped Tour
  • Song “Instruments of War” with Grammy Winner DJ #0 of Slipknot
  • Song “Independent Living Remix with Dizzy Wright, Swizz and Hopsin”
  • Song “Evolution is Outdated Ft. Blue Print of Rhymesayers, and Illogic, Produced by Russian producer DJ Vadim”
  • His song “Guess What Daddy Wants,” earned placement in the 2008 MGM film “College” , Song “Hurting” earned placement in Ronnie Romero’s wakeboarding flick “UPDOG.” and he has appeared on numerous college radio charts including Record Breakers, Rap attack lives and Insomniac.

SOURCE: Official Bio

Featured image by Elliot Aughtenbaugh.