Autopilot comes out today with their latest single titled ‘Say Something’. Whether it’s something that needed said or something that makes everyone go into victim mode, or anything in between, we nevertheless get a rifftastic track filled with grit, grime, and greatness with a chugalong vibe and sense of inclusion within every grimy chord.

About ‘Say Something’

‘Say Something’ is the follow-up to their 2022 single “Feverish Dreams”. The alt rock band is currently touring North America, supporting their forthcoming album. Autopilot is Marlon Harder (vocals, guitar), Adam Swalm (bass) and Cale Hretsina (drums).

“Say Something”, was written by Marlon Harder and S.J. Kardash, produced and engineered by S.J. Kardash at Full Color Studios in Saskatoon, Canada.

Harder says, ‘”Say Something” comes from a place of nostalgia and self-reflection, missing the moments of things that should have been said, the carelessness of youth, and the feelings that never leave.”

About Autopilot

Autopilot has always been a dedicated touring band. They spent five successful months on the road in support of Diamond Rough which included their first US tour, three extensive US tours and countless Canadian dates in support of Desert Dreams, and an eight week national US tour in the fall of 2016 supporting the release of “Hurricane” / “Crooked Lines”, their most successful single up to that point. 2017 saw them once again crisscross the US with stops at Jersey Shore Festival, Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and a mainstage performance at Mesa Music Festival in Arizona supporting hard rock legends P.O.D.

The future is truly wide open for Autopilot. Everything they’ve learned is on the table for the 2018 release of Afterglow. They are casting their net wider, and going all in. Never content to sit still or play it safe, they’ve crafted a remarkable live show, and plan on spending as much time over the next year as possible, getting the new songs in front of as many new fans as they possibly can.