Ava King has released her new single titled ‘Worst In Me’ from her upcoming album ‘SEX MONEY GOD’ dropping in February, 2024.

Dark pop meets a snarky personality with a few Tim Burton-esque musical flavors, ‘Worst In Me’ is a brooding confessional set to an original electric, almost carnival style soundtrack showcasing society’s self serving validation that filters the truth through one’s beliefs. Have we really come that far down the evolutionary rung, or is it a temporary lapse of reason? Thank God we have artists like Ava to document our decline.

About Ava King

Ava’s upcoming album “SEX MONEY GOD (out early February 2024) is about how our society worships false gods, like sex and money, at the expense of the real God, which resides within each of us. I go on the journey of seeking validation and love outside of myself, and slowly, as the album progresses, I learn how to love myself and find love within,” Ava says. She thoughtfully continues, “SEX MONEY GOD represents my growth spiritually and emotionally, more than as an artist. Sure, my production might have gotten better, but it’s more about me figuring out what my finite life is about and what to do with the time I have. Western capitalist society teaches us that pleasure and the senses are king, and the person who wins is the person with the most toys. I tried to live my life that way, but it didn’t work for me. This album is about my search for something different.”

Ava King is the new breakout solo artist project from guitarist, pianist, bassist, singer, songwriter, and producer Aventurina King. Having spent a great deal of time and energy creating music tutorials and working on promoting body positivity, mental health and de-stigmatization of therapy and addiction issues, Ava has a newfound drive and focus towards her upcoming record, SEX MONEY GOD.

Born in Paris, France during a particularly summer-y June, Ava King is a cancer– intuitive and creative, in tune with her emotions, and at times a little bit emo. She is an accomplished writer, having been published in the NYTimes and edited the Oxford Chinese-English Dictionary. Ava has been a TV Host in China for CCTV, Hunan TNV TV, a publicist at Cannes Film Festival, and a reality TV show personality for Stars & Danger – The High Dive in China. Non-music related topics she can talk about for hours include: “spirituality, 12 step programs, self-love, how much [she hates] hiking, and relationships.

Featured image by Serena Dong.