Wizz Havinn has released the new video for the track titled ‘Eminem’, featuring Veeze from his project called ‘Super Wizz’. An anthem for the new generation, featuring a dose of kick ass and transformation, Wizz and Veeze speak softly but carry that big stick of acknowledgement and sense of self only found in those that have earned their cinfidence.

About Wizz Havinn

Faster than a speeding airboat and more powerful than a gator’s jaws, North Florida standout Wizz Havinn is the hero we need right now. Taking to the skies with his latest body of work, the rapper shares Super Wizz, a kinetic collection of hustle-hard hood anthems. Wizz is known for his supremely laid back flow that helped define the sound of the rising Tallahassee scene, but his blasé demeanor belies his superhuman focus on stacking paper. In his own words, Wizz makes music that “makes you want to get your own money”–he learned to rhyme to escape his circumstances, and he hopes to be a shining example for others in his community.

“Right now, I’m just in a different place in life,” says Wizz Havinn. “I’m in super status. I ain’t the same regular me. I’m super with all the work I got done and everything I achieved. I’m taking care of business right now. I’m trying to be a superhero for my hood–I’m giving back, I’m encouraging all the youngins around the area, and I’m making sure everybody straight in the community. I’m always showing love and motivating everybody in the trenches. And the biggest thing: coming from the hood and then going somewhere then coming back and showing this real life proof and everybody can be something. That’s a real hood superhero.”

Spanning 18 tracks, with contributions from Florida beatsmiths like Ddot Freezing, Super Wizz is a sterling example of the new Tallahassee sound (“Tallahassee has made a major stamp on the world,” says Wizz. “We came out with a sound that nobody’s ever heard.”). The tape is packed with simmering, synth-heavy slow burners like “Flaw,” the imperiously confident single “Check Me,” and the electric keyboard driven atmosphere of “One Thing” ft. Lil Double 0. Other highlights, like the driving “Residue,” which borrows from the darker trap sounds of Atlanta and Memphis, raise the temperature, while songs like the cinematic “New Wave” are ideally-suited for smoked-out drives down South Florida freeways.

Along with the new tape, Wizz Havinn shares the music video for “Eminem,” a collaboration with the similarly soft-spoken Detroit rapper Veeze. Dancing around gently-plucked acoustic guitars and thunderous blasts of distorted 808s, Wizz enumerates the many reasons why he’s sicker than your average: his opps can’t step to him, their girlfriends want a piece of him, and whenever they annoy him, Wizz just buys a new grill. Veeze follows Wizz’s lead, rapping about his luxury accoutrements and lamenting that all his sons in the rap game won’t give him gifts for Father’s Day. In the video, the two rising street rappers get their operation up and running in the Sunshine State, as they count cash and relax backstage.

Featured image by Esdras Thelusma.