Thunderous drums, pounding bass and screaming guitars are an important part of the “Guns, Gold & Rock & Roll” concept behind the Badlands House Band in Sioux Falls. Bandleader Ron Keel has filled in the band with a drummer, lead guitarist and bassist to create the unique sounds of the band that will tour regularly throughout the Midwest and perform with top rock & roll musicians at Badlands Pawn, Gold & Jewelry.

Local Sioux Falls drum legend Jeff Koller brings a lifetime of experience to the project, with a reputation built upon his passion for music and his relentless work ethic. Regional rock fans also know him as The Rev, a popular radio personality.

Lead guitarist David Cothern hails from Columbus, Ohio; a round of 2014 concerts there with Badlands bandleader Ron Keel led to Keel pegging Cothern for axe-handling duties in this new group.

Keel invited long-time bassist Geno Arce (KEEL, IronHorse) along for the ride as well, completing the core nucleus of the new band.

“Badlands Entertainment Group is proud to put the spotlight on killer musicians who have paid their dues and deserve this opportunity,” said Chuck Brennan, founder and creator of Badlands Pawn, Gold & Jewelry. “This band is going to conquer the Midwest and beyond.”

Keel and Arce have been touring together for nearly 18 years, including work on major album projects like 2010’s ‘Streets of Rock & Roll’ release. “We have a special brotherhood,” said Keel. “When I was given the chance to lead this band, I knew I wanted Geno at my side.”

Ron Keel met Koller on his first Sioux Falls visit when the Badlands Pawn project was announced December 26th at the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy. “Of course I liked what I saw and heard when Jeff got behind the drum set and killed it,” said Keel. “But I was really sold when we spent time just hanging out, getting to know each other and becoming friends. The same happened with David Cothern when we performed together last year. I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the best guitarists in the business and DC is a guy who belongs in that class. These guys are rock stars ready to happen, but it’s what’s in their hearts and in their heads that convinced me they were perfect for this unique project. I’m a firm believer that music doesn’t make people, people make music. I promise you, this thing is going to turn some heads and drop some jaws.”

The search continues for additional musicians and backup singers to complete the Badlands House Band, which will begin rehearsing, writing and recording this summer and hits the stage for their debut concert appearance at the Grand Opening of Badlands Pawn, Gold & Jewelry on Thanksgiving Day.

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