Leilani The Artist
Leilani The Artist

Leilani The Artist hits hard with the release of her first album “Love Rain Down”. The album includes power ballads, indie rock, and pop songs all packed with layered guitar work, lush vocal harmonies, and a whole lotta heart.

The first single and title track from the album “Love Rain Down”, is a distinct and anthemic song that walks the line between genres but holds true to its pop rock roots.

“Love Rain Down is a song about hope even in the midst of despair. It is about coming through a really dark time and finding the light on the other side. It is about how if you open yourself up to the universe, it can fill you with hope and happiness and love.” says Leilani of the single.

Although the single speaks volumes for the album, to get the full understanding and feel, it must be heard in its entirety. While the album is cohesive, Leilani worked on each song, giving each it’s own unique character. Working this way essentially allowed her to focus on the song its self rather than the entire album at once in order to give each one her absolute best. The Love Rain Down album is a combination of new and old songs all written by Leilani.

Leilani is also known for her artwork, paintings, and graphic design. She did the original artwork for Love Rain Down.