Independent rock band Glostik Willy has done it again. With the growing costs of travel the band has come up with a creative plan to offset expenses and ensure a grand time for fans. Having made numerous trips across the country on tours, the band has decided to presell tickets to their shows and take those fans on tour with the band. “It’s like reserving your seat on a cruise ship, but instead it’s a road trip with the group”, said Jameson Bradford, co-founder and guitarist. According to one fan, “Glostik has pioneered a new concept for bands to consider and it is not surprising coming from this face-melting and fun band”.

Glostik Willy are an in your face progressive/funk/rock/jam addicts who plan to make four major stops with the intention of spreading their love for musical mayhem.

The Indiana based trio made their debut in Colorado five months ago touring the state during the highly recognized holiday of 420. After such an elevated experience, the band had no choice but to return with more mind-blowing music in addition to a caravan of fans and friends anxious to rage face and share in the festivities. Bradford says, “We just want to show anyone and everyone that we’re here to rock out, we’re here to party and we’re here to stay, because we don’t just play our music, we live it. This is our passion, and we want anyone available and willing to listen to be a part of that.”

Wednesday, September 17 at Herman’s Hideaway in Denver
Thursday, September 18 at The Toad Tavern in Littleton
Saturday, September 20 at Ullrs Tavern in Winterpark
Sunday, September 22 at The Walnut Room in Denver

Notorious for taking the audience on a riveting ride through their music, Glostik Willy brings progressive, funk, rock and jam all together for an unforgettable show every time. Be sure not to miss this amazing musical spectacle that the world knows as Glostik Willy, it’s guaranteed that you will find yourself under the influence of something powerfully captivating in all of the best ways.

Glostik Willy brings an energy like no other during live performances that get crowds moving and grooving all night long. In a feature article on Glostik Willy, Buckeye Music Magazine expressed, “The band’s live show is something that has to be seen to believe. The energy level that these guys bring to the stage is incredible.”

Glostik Willy is a very unique and diverse band formed in early 2008, They are a growing force in today’s independent music scene with over 500 performances across the US and major music festivals. For more information about the band, please visit