Kenny Charles voice has been described to the high vocal range of Keith Urban, Don Henley and with the unique vocal tone of Rod Stewart. He has descriptive songwriting, that is heart felt in the style of Jeffery Steele. His first album, The Best Man For You, was selected by Go Country 105.1 in Southern CA. and The Highway, to play the Texaco Country Show down for the 3rd consecutive year in a row. His new album titled, “Lighting in a Bottle” takes the listener on a musical journey as each song stands on it’s own and is unique in it’s style. The opening track,”Drunk Wedding Day”, is a fun song about having maybe one to many with an over anxious girl wanting to tie the knot. The video that was produced for this song shows Kenny’s playful side while delivering a energetic performance between the campy scenes. The video has been licenced by Viacom Media Networks (CMT) and is featured on Viacom.TV were Kenny has his own artist page.

Kenny’s new album, “Lighting in a Bottle” is being distributed by Star 1 Records through Universal’s channels in 100 countries. It is available in the iTunes store, Amazon MP3 and at hundreds of download sites worldwide. In addition, you can download all of Kenny’s music from his Star One Entertainment artist page where 100% of the purchase goes to support the artist’s music. Look for Kenny Charles live as he is currently putting together his band consisting of veteran players to hit the road soon.

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