Bandua takes the popular songbook of the Beira Baixa region and reinterprets it with electronic folk in the style of Berlin downtempo.

Conceived by the Portuguese-Brazilian musician and producer Tempura, the Purple Boy and the Portuguese singer and musician Edgar Valente, Bandua represents the first time that these sonorities, poems and songs have been transformed into a melancholic electro pop sound in the Portuguese language.

Bandua continues to fly and is beginning to release its feathers. After two years of many musical journeys, where they have stepped onto many stages and collected many stories, the duo are now embarking on a new chapter of their musical journey. They chose the anniversary date that marks their first ever live concert, in 2022 at ZDB, to release their new single ‘Pena no Peito I’, which is based on ‘Canção da Tristeza’, from the Penha Garcia songbook, taught to them by their friend and singer, Idalina Gameiro.

This new song speaks to the essence of the time and period that Bandua is going through now: a frequency that invites you to look inwards, so that you can dance and sing to scare away the evils, releasing feathers from your chest so that they can then fly with the winds of this spring and beyond.

Artwork by Seastudio, captured by Mariana Alves, with special participation from António Carvalhal on the cymbals, and Sascha Cawa on the mastering. Not forgetting the Banduendes who have accompanied this infinite journey of the duo from Beira Baixa! With spring new sounds arise from Bandua! After a few months away from the stage, the duo invite you to a reunion of Banduendes to celebrate their new spring releases and to reveal those yet to come. The chosen venue will be Musicbox on the 17th of May, where they have already been happy, at the end of 2022 at the Emergente Festival.

SOURCE: Official Bio