The Weekend Run Club has released their new album titled ‘Liminal Space Race’. Musically enthralling with a keen sense of lyrical self, The Weekend Run Club make themselves the new heroes of the hip with an absolutely stellar sound and keen pulse on all things current, whether they hone in right on you or shine that artistic light on a piece of the world.

This is a band that does their thing with a class and style all their own. The music hops genres and includes you in the party. It’s rare that music like this gets made nowadays. What I mean by that is that ‘Liminal Space Race’ is a set of tracks that will find a home in anyone’s head made with lyrics that have a place in anyone’s heart. Enough said.

About ‘Liminal Space Race’

Hailing from Chicago, IL, Queer majority indie band The Weekend Run Club released their brand-new album, Liminal Space Race. The five-piece writes songs focusing on identity, coming of age, and all things interpersonal, and pulls from a plethora of genres like rock, alternative, power pop, punk, and emo. With a focus on poignant, self-revealing lyrics danceable rhythms, and guitar licks, The Weekend Run Club writes music for the introspective alien, the extroverted party jammers, and everyone in between.

One aspect of The Weekend Run Club that hasn’t changed with this album is how diverse a range of genres have always impacted them. They worked on developing more of a rock sound while retaining some of the sweet, indie guitars that characterized their early sound. Liminal Space Race, captures the feeling that they were afraid to make this record, but rather than focusing on that fear alone, they wrote nine songs on fear and uncertainty in different spheres of life.

On the album, The Weekend Run Club says, “Coming of age is an animal experience that humans share on a global scale. ‘Liminal Space Race’ addresses the nebulous, yet frenetic paradigm shifts of growing up. At the end of the tunnel of adolescence and early adulthood is an unavoidable, rueful acceptance: a fleeting truth which spares no one, especially the queer people of yesterday, today, and tomorrow: We never really stop coming out.”