Basement Revolver has released their new single titled ‘Red Light’. A beautifully crafted song birthed from one of those little life lessons we have all shucked and shared in our lives, ‘Red Light’ is an endearing piece of music set to the sounds of those collisions to the roadblocks that get in our way which can help us realize that we can either use that as a green, yellow, or red light.

What this song delivers, is a sweet combination of serenade and solace. While relating to us on a lyrical level, there is also a musical way about the song that, just plainly, makes it such a good listen.

About Basement Revolver & ‘Red Light’

As a band who has received our fair share of parking and speeding tickets while playing shows and touring, we are no strangers to financial setbacks surrounding our dreams. At a band practice, our guitarist/vocalist Chrisy shared that they had received a red light ticket which was especially frustrating because it cost more than what they earned on their most recent paycheque.

Although the song was inspired by this specific red light ticket, it’s also about financial struggles in general and how they often get in the way of our personal goals.

This is definitely one of our more bouncy tracks sonically despite the track being about financial life struggles. We love when songs don’t always align sound/topic wise and this song definitely fits that description.

SOURCE: Official Bio