WESSON is a British Indie Alt Rock band led by singer/songwriter Chris Wesson. Based in Milton Keynes, the four-piece band was formed under the mutual decision to find like-minded souls who needed music as part of their everyday life and essence to their being. Along with bassist Callum, guitarist Jimmy, and drummer Dale, WESSON creates music which is relatable, conversational and meaningful.

Starting 2024 on the right note, WESSON have dropped their four-track acoustic EP, Stay the Same. Featuring three songs from their 2023 album, All We Are, the new acoustic release also includes a brand new single, title-track “Stay the Same.” Written from the perspective of a person whose glass is half empty and always sees the bad things in life, the band explain, “This is the type of person who just complains and then looks externally for something or someone to lift their mood, rather than working on themselves and making positive changes. They are ungrateful, unable to see the good in life and they pray for change but things either get worse or just stay the same.”

Sonically, “Stay the Same” is inspired by a lot of 60’s bands, including The Kinks. The laid-back, easy-listening track showcases WESSON’s versatility, with soft, layered harmonies gliding over toe-tapping, organic instrumentation. Their infectious sound will worm its way into your ears and you’ll quickly find yourself chanting along to their storytelling lyrics. They have had an overwhelming response to this release on social media platforms. Fans and strangers alike are commenting positively on how WESSON could be the modern-day Beatles. Each acoustic track is also accompanied by a live performance video which were all filmed in Chris’s self-built studio.

WESSON has had the pleasure of performing across the UK, supporting artists such as Space, The Bluetones, Callum Beattie and Lucy Spraggan. They have also garnered acclaim from the likes of Earmilk, Atwood Magazine and Variance Magazine to name a few, racking up hundreds of thousands of streams for their music to date. Stay the Same is available on all streaming platforms and will soon be available to purchase on CD.

SOURCE: Official Bio