Beccs has today released her new single titled ‘Good Comin’. A super-summer funtastic feeling of a banger song with a positive message geared for even the most negative people. Playfully angelic and monstrously hook-laden, ‘Good Comin” really showcases Becca’s unique vocal style with a solid musical foundation that reflects a songwriter that has found her sound.

Without that ‘show-off’ feel, Beccs gives the song her own personality and drive for perfection with panache and a solid flair for originality.

About ‘Good Comin”

“Good Comin’,” is a whimsical indie-pop track about running away from something good comin’; be it a healthy relationship, one’s higher potential, or quite literally one’s own orgasms! The lyrics are laced with sensual innuendo, heartfelt honesty, and some killer melodic vocal hooks that showcase beccs’ soulful and dexterous voice. Like anything that comes out of beccs, the bouncy, playful bop, produced by Godfrey Furchtgott, Eben D’Amico from Saves The Day, Jack Mullin, and beccs, is informed by a real depth around the artist’s struggle and trauma around intimacy.

“I think at the end of the day, it’s recognizing that while our bodies might be home to a lot of pain, they can also be home to a lot of joy and pleasure. I wrote this song to flirt with that idea; that after everything our bodies and hearts have overcome, we don’t just stop at feeling safe. We get to feel pleasure too. On the cusp of joy and in the wake of pain, Good Comin’ lovingly and playfully asks us to inch ourselves closer towards a path of joy when other voices tell us to run.”

The music video is shot with a queer/femme/trans crew of close collaborators and dear friends including Berriez plus-size vintage shop owner and stylist Emma Zack, choreographer Holly Sass, and director Julia Barrett Mitchell who directed beccs’ first ever music video, “Therapy,” depicting beccs’ recovery and longtime battle with an eating disorder, which premiered on the front page of NYLON.

About Beccs

beccs is a Brooklyn-based indie pop artist hailed as one of NYLON Magazine’s “favorite cool girls”, a John Lennon Songwriting Finalist, and an “indie-pop vocalist of astonishing candor” by the HuffPost. Holding up a mirror to herself and society at large, beccs confronts and heals audiences with a “one-of-a-kind” soul-stirring voice that is as dynamic as it is vulnerable. The indie pop artist has been critically acclaimed by Refinery29, NYLON, AudioFemme, Huffington Post Queer Voices, Popdust, LADYGUNN. beccs was also featured on The BUILD Series with Monet X Change from RuPaul’s Drag Race for her queer-inclusive Christmas music video “Before This Christmas Ends”. Catch beccs on their East Coast Tour this September with GREAT TIME.

Beccs’ band will be kicking off the tour at Meadowlark: A Hudson Music Valley Festival September 8th and playing up and down Burlington to D.C..