Kytes has released their new album titled ‘To Feel Something At All’. Full and immersive sounding from the first track to the last, Kytes have created a lucid world of sound and significance that could fit inside the genres of any decade and take you into the realm of musical possibilities to fuel your own creativity.

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About Kytes

Having crafted a sound rooted in indie, pop and electronica, Kytes possess an uncanny passion for insatiable pop hooks, finely tuned songwriting and an overall sense positivity, ‘Out of Time’ continues the musical evolution for the affable quartet. They say: “‘Out Of Time’ will be the opener of our new record ‘To Feel Something At All’. It’s a powerful song with a lot of drive and feels like an exciting new chapter. Lyrically we play with the idea of time, losing the sense of time, being too late, floating in space without time and trying to feel something (at all). We can’t wait to play this one live, with all four band members singing, there’s a lot of energy on stage.”

The four friends Michael Spieler, Timothy Lush, Kerim Öke and Thomas Kirchner grew up together and evolved their distinctive sound through closeness, freedom and ease. Since the start in 2015 KYTES have grown organically and developed an ever strengthening fan base. On the live front, KYTES radiate an innate energy with their cocktail of Indie and Electro Pop.

Since 2018 the band have released all music over their own record label Frisbee Records. Sold out European tours, more than 100 million streams, more than

50 million plays on Tiktok, a #1 chart position on Hype Machine and international awards are all testament to the undeniable talent of KYTES. The band continue to captivate with their third record ‘To Feel Something At All’ scheduled for summer 2023.

A back to the roots Indie record, fast, full of nostalgia and emotions remains both fresh and exciting. This international production is a cooperation with the Viennese producer filous, the New York mixer Andrew Maury and the Grammy award winning mastering engineer Joe Laporta.