Beck Pete has today released her new single titled ‘Bite Down’. Electric soul with bits of rhythm and rhyme thrown in, Beck shows that she has a style, and that style is as original as it is creative.

While you may compare her to the likes of Lady Gaga, I don’t really hear it. I hear Beck Pete. I hear the drive at the next phase of a brilliant career. I hear independent music at it’s brightest.

About Beck Pete

As a woman who understands the complexity of extremes, the songwriter creates music to show all sides of the human experience, to remind her listeners that two seemingly opposing things can be true at once. Something can be both beautiful and heartbreaking, morally questionable and incredible to live through, or masculine and also so purely feminine. Sonically, Beck Pete captures this through combining soaring, soft, often sweet sounding background vocals and playful melodies with tangible rough textures and growling megaphone lead vocal doubles, for a cathartic and emotionally enveloping listen.

Beck Pete’s single ‘Bite Down’ speaks to the extremism of human nature that Beck has herself oscillated between before embracing the duality that has seeped into her core as an artist. The honesty of the end of the hook that says “maybe I could drift between a little bit of sane and crazy, been both lately, changes daily” is sure to hit home for most of us, whether we like it or not! Not to mention that this message is delivered with a dangerously catchy melody that will be stuck in your head for days, or possibly even weeks.

The prolific singer/songwriter can’t seem to resist creating music that is hooky and memorable. Not only does Beck Pete love pop music, she also understands that sometimes the truth is hard to stomach, and easier to consume when it feels good. She’s found a home somewhere to the left between alternative and pop genres, in an entirely oversaturated space, and still somehow has created a sound that is so uniquely warm, crisp, and experimental in a refreshingly palatable way, and dare we say it – cool.

Part 1 of Beck Pete’s album Scared Of Everything, released in 2022, has already garnered attention across streaming services with several notable editorial Spotify playlist placements as well as acclaim from a variety of media outlets including MTVU, Wonderland, NOTION, and Medium all enamored with her passionate, gritty approach to vulnerability.

“I just hope to tell stories in a way that impacts people. ‘Genre’ will wax and wane with what serves that story best, but one thing will stay consistent – I want to create a safe space to feel. Please don’t confuse this with me always making you comfortable or not surprising you. I hope to remind you that feeling is not just a positive thing, but also an inherent part of truly being alive. I hope to make you feel that, specifically — alive,” she proclaims.

Beck Pete has been making a name for herself for years in Los Angeles headlining and packing notable venues including The Hotel Cafe, The Echo, Moroccan Lounge and The Troubadour. Over the past few years, she has shared the stage with artists including DYLAN, whom she opened for at her sold out Mercury Lounge show, and JP Saxe, whom she co-headlined the Troubadour with.

Her music has further found its way into many TV shows including The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina which allowed the songwriter to garner many new fans, and boosted her song “Gently Break It” to nearly 1.5 million streams on Spotify. In the Summer and Fall of 2023, songs from Scared Of Everything will also be featured in the Apple TV Original Series Shelter and the upcoming film Singing In My Sleep.

Beck Pete will continue to release singles for Part 2 of her album Scared Of Everything throughout the remainder of 2023, so buckle up and prepare yourself for a few seasons of feeling, dancing and crying.