Juniper Honey has today released their new single titled ‘Another Morning’. The weariness of being caught into today’s fast paced slow burn filter the truth through one’s beliefs world is culminated in this new subtle anthem for the disenfranchised.

The feeling and fortitude ease into the song as the music caries the emotion and delivers the lyrics more like an introverted declaration as much as a set of words. ‘Another Morning’ takes another stab at realization and achieves the mission at hand by showing an alternative to the lifestyle we’re told was cool.

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About ‘Another Morning’

Juniper Honey’s artistry shines through in their beautifully crafted songwriting, enabling a wide range of listeners to enjoy the musical experience and connect deeply with the profound message woven into their latest single. With their latest melodic creation, “Another Morning,” they craft the perfect summer anthem, evoking images of cruising along Highway 1 and watching the sunrise on Avila Beach.

In 2020, Jake Hesse (lead vocals, guitar) and Donovan Hess (drums) began their musical journey together, collaborating on various projects and performing at numerous shows across California. Later in 2022, they welcomed Cason LeSueur (guitar) and Josh West (bass) into their ranks, and Juniper Honey was born. Drawing inspiration from the timeless sounds of classic rock and folk-rock from the 60s and 70s, Juniper Honey seamlessly blends dreamy whimsicality with the vibrant energy characteristic of alternative rock bands.

The band’s diversity is not limited to their musical influences, as their themes explore a wide range of subjects, including the complexities of coming-of-age, romance, and heartbreak. At the core of their musical style lies a commitment to vibrant and authentic storytelling. Earlier this year, Juniper Honey released their self-titled debut album, which they entirely recorded at home. Now, the band is eager to venture into the realm of studio-produced music, bringing their quintessential indie flair, expressive vocals, and animated storytelling to new stages and audiences.

About Juniper Honey

Juniper Honey is a growing alt-rock band originally out of Southern California, but now based in San Luis Obispo. Original members Jake Hesse (lead vocals, guitar) and Donovan Hess (drums) began their journey together in 2020, playing various venues from SoCal to the Central Coast with their old band. In the later months of 2022, Jake and Don picked up guitarist Cason LeSueur and bassist Josh West to officially form Juniper Honey. With a few homemade numbers, the group immediately hit the studio and plan on releasing their first studio work throughout 2023.