Believers is the brainchild of both Wesley and Tyler Powell, a collab brother duo that have combined their love for 90s indie shoegaze with great success. With two albums under their belt already they now arrive with a revolutionized third, which now does not Tyler, and Wesley takes the musical steer and spearheads Believers’ transition with great aplomb.

Lead single ‘Endless Choice’ is highly strung and brings a unique and modernized dosage of melancholic indie pop. Delicate, intricate and lightly balanced, the sound that Believers have created is crisp, fresh and immediately inviting. So easy on the ears with the dreamy reverb drenched guitar lines, groovy bass and tight snare, alongside the soft sounding vocals on top, makes for a captivating and intriguing listening experience.

Blending between dream pop and shoegaze, ‘Endless Choice’ is a song that ebbs and flows, intertwined with heavy bass lines and many moments of instrumentation that are so expertly crafted together. Wesley furthers himself even more in a song that is a journey in itself. Given more license to play around in the studio, there is clever usage of drum machines throughout, which only adds to the full and dreamy atmosphere Believers have created.

The Oakland based group has taken a brand new direction that is exciting and proactively searching for more and more with every listen. It’s rhythmic, catchy and floats around your mind, and ‘Endless Choice’ feels like the perfect introduction to Believers’ reimagined and conditioned sonics. Sparking the interest of indie pop, lo-fi, shoegaze and dream pop listeners, Believers will surely find a place in your playlist.

About Believers

If you plopped Arthur Russell into early 90s Manchester among The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, and the like, you might end up with something like Believers. Wesley Powell, the artist behind the name, throws a myriad of influences from krautrock to house to shoegaze into a pot and boils them down into some version of pop. Languid vocals drift atop layers of plinky guitars and synth swells, all of it undergirded by heavy bass riffs and drum machinery.