1. Mime Skelf 4:03

Skelf hails from the Highlands of Scotland and recently rediscovered songwriting after a 14 year hiatus. Born with no lower left limb, one lung and the serious condition diaphragmatic hernia, he was flown all over Scotland to save his life.

Picking up music in his teens, Skelf went onto support bands such as Biffy Clyro and The Editors in the 00’s. But in 2005 he suffered a broken hip which derailed him musically and personally which sent him on a downward spiral years.

He transitioned to promoting where he was happy for the better part of the last decade, before suffering a mild stroke which forced him to stop promoting. Then during the pandemic, Skelf decided after years of self doubt, to pick up the songwriting pen for the first time in over a decade and has rediscovered his love for writing his hard hitting personal songs about struggle, survival and overcoming whatever obstacles are in your way.

SOURCE: Official Bio