1. Window Frame Benny Bizzie 3:33

‘Window Frame’ is the third instalment from British singer, rapper, and songwriter Benny Bizzie, who gives us a smooth track about discovering love in the simple things in life. ‘Window Frame’ offers an appreciation for the abundant nature of life around us.

Bizzie calls on his younger self to deliver 8 bars of Grime emotion and energy, a surprise his older fans will be thrilled to experience. The track features Bass guitars by Darren Franklin, and electric guitar parts from heavy metal band ‘Less than Hollow’.

The music artist has grown through the years in his artistry and we are in for a taste of evolution.

Benny Bizzie’s recent ‘E-Motion’ EP has gained over 600k views on YouTube and over 200k streams on Spotify with support from Link up TV and Sentric Music and regional radio. He has released seven EPs to date which earned him two nominations at the Urban Music Awards for Best Male and Best R&B plus radio support by Charlie Sloth (BBC 1xtra), Lionheart (BBC Radio London). He also did collaborations with A-List artists including Ghetts.

Benny Bizzie is a British singer and songwriter with a soulful tone. His music journey and creative outputs began on the streets of North London, Tottenham writing songs for emerging artists and releasing grime records independently. Benny’s creativity seems to be fuelled by passion and escapism.

Till today music remains the one constant in his life. He found ways to use music as therapy for expressing emotions of early childhood experiences to find solace. Bizzie’s music is full of emotion, spirit and optimism.

His early career as a Grime artist led to collaborations with Skepta, Meridian Dan, JME and Frisco and many more, with support on radio stations KISS100, BBC 1xtra and TV stations FLAVA TV and CHANNEL AKA.

During his time studying at the University of West London, access to recording studio facilities, new knowledge, and adventure saw him developing emerging singers and building close networks with producers P2J, Prince Rapid, Skott Summerz, Cee Figz, ZDOT and Param Truth.

It would seem Benny still needed the outlet for expression when He decided to release his own songs as a singer. His song ‘Crying’ was well received when he began gaining radio support from DJ Ace (BBC 1xtra), Ras Kwame and Charlie Sloth. He was nominated for Best Male and Best R&B at the 11th annual UMA awards.

Benny took a break from music in 2014 due to health and though a tough time in his career He spent the better part of it working with disabled children in schools and community centers. Benny states ‘It was the young people helping and healing me more than I was helping them. They taught me patience, empathy, and humility’.