Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Kitty Coen plus the premiere of her new single titled ‘rotten tomatoes’. Also an interview with Bulgaria’s Lunikk plus the premiere of their new video ‘Speechless’. Also an exclusive interview with The Redlines as well as premieres and new music from POESY, Pitou, The Wrecks, Darion Harris, Dan Bauer, and The Erly.

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About Kitty Coen

Kitty Coen has an exclusive interview with Jammerzine and has also officially premiered her new single titled ‘rotten tomatoes’, which dropped June 10th (2022).

Kitty is an artist that, quite frankly, will be mentioned very frequently for not only her songwriting but her performance and signature sound. She is, in every sense of the word, a brand. She gets it too. This is what you need to make it in the music industry. That’s how you become memorable.

And within that brand that is all things Kitty Coen, we get a glimpse of her influences, both musical and in life, and we get them wrapped up in her own music.

And, in this interview, we talk with Kitty about said music and the process of creating it. We also dive deep into that rabbit hole of the self and psyche and realize that she is just as creative, humble, and good a person as she is in music. This is a lesson on making it big.


About Lunikk

Lunikk has released their new video and single titled ‘Speechless‘, from their upcoming album ‘Unreal City’, releasing June 10th. Ahead of that, we get not only a premiere of said video, we get an exclusive interview from a purely dynamic duo that, in my opinion, is one of the faces of the future of #indie music.

‘Speechless’ conveys that part of us all that we almost never convey but always dwell on. A slow builder to the soul with a crescendo that is classic sounding with a modern feel. Lunikk is a band that I am a personal fan of, so I may be a bit bias. But, take into account the amount of new music I listen to, I can honestly say that this is a band I seek out when I want to chill at home or need a soundtrack for my thoughts.


About The Redlines

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Brian Seese and Tony Vinski from The Redlines. Having released their new EP titled ‘Kick Out Today’, the band are rapidly showing their signature sound and originality among the music masses.

With a nod to the guitar rock and rock legends of the past with an eye clearly on the future, it’s hard not to acknowledge that the four member, six string concept is alive and well.

In this interview we talk with Brian and Tony about that sound and ‘Kick Out Today’, as well as what’s coming up and more.



POESY has today unleashed her new video for the track titled ‘Multiply’. After getting over that killer electronic bass line, I was astonished by the voice that POESY possesses, or possesses her. New fan, right here. The power and angst conveyed in each signature note is something you have to hear to believe. I can’t explain it. And she fits this song and video perfectly.

POESY is not an artist, she is a universe. You get placed into another world listening to her music. Video aside, this is world building. The video is a guide for those who do not get what I just said. A film-score to a soundtrack. Let this become a part of you, so you can become a part of it.


About Pitou

Pitou has released her new video and single titled ‘Big Tear’. the first thing you will notice is that Pitou is a singer that feels the lyrics. Knows the song on a deeper level. Embraces it with that same emotion she cultivated when she wrote it. She becomes the music. She is the song. This is that initial carry-away with I get. But, you must remember that first hook that brought you to the play button. The song is that good.

The marriage between musician and music that works perfectly. You don’t move on after a few notes. You can’t fudge the slider around trying to find the hook. The song IS the hook. And that hook has you. The audio equivalent of a David Lynch film. The cool kids all mention him but few remember any film titles. They just heard through the grapevine that he was a good and original director. This is that with the added listen and staying power. Stay a while longer.


About The Wrecks

The Wrecks have released their new album titled ‘Sonder’. After reviewing their single ‘Lone Survivor‘, I thought I had this band pegged. I thought I had them figured out. Now I look like an @$$hole. I really really do. But, that’s ok. There is much more here. Much under the surface. Right now there is an iceberg named Sonder and I just heard the 80% under the surface.

The intricacies within each of the songs delivers a lot more than expected. The little things like an inflection, a guitar note or riff, so on. It’s the details like that where you can really tell if a band cares about their music.

And, while ‘Sonder’ has that ‘polished’ sound, it fits. Like a glove. It’s signature.


About Darion Harris

Darion Harris has released his new single titled ‘Don Juan’. Blending the line between fantasy and reality, Harlem-raised producer and artist Darion Harris seeks to encapsulate a world where fairytales and real-life merge together. His newest offering, ‘Don Juan’ is just an introduction to the playful and exhilarating world of Darion that is yet to be explored.

Currently charting on the Spotify Viral Chart in South Africa with his recent release ‘Mitsubishi Dreams’, ‘Don Juan’ is a track that reflects on Darion’s recent success and boasts newfound confidence. From the visuals to the production and adlibs, ‘Don Juan’ is nothing short of an intense burst of compelling energy. The buoyant yet braggadocious lyrics see Darion deliver witty punchlines over the busy self-produced beat that radiates influences from video game soundtracks. Working in collaboration with Evander Griiim (protégé of Gucci Mane) on a track had always been a dream for Darion Harris, and so this collaborative piece of work further yet validates Darion’s cocky persona throughout this track.


About Dan Bauer

Dan Bauer is a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter hailing from New Hampshire. His quirky, soul-searching video single, ‘U.G.L.Y.’ is out now.

We are hooked in by the visuals instantaneously, as the artist can be seen stomping on a bag sharpied with the word ‘drama’. Lamenting statements such as ‘Can’t see why I can’t be….Happy’ is a big tell that the main character is feeling something quite contrary to what he’s showing.

Musically, Bauer displays moments of sensitive falsetto, which are then contrasted by upbeat percussion. According to the artist, the goal of this release is to juxtapose and contrast against his most recent album, The After Life, which has a more traditional set-up of electric guitar/bass/vocals/acoustic guitar/piano. The instrumentation of U.G.L.Y includes ‘acoustic guitar, drums, hand claps, synth sweeps, a funky bassline, piano, a staccato strings solo, and varied backing vocals’.


About The Erly

The Erly have released their new single titled ‘You’re Heaven’. Sindependent with the goal being soul, The Erly bash and pop the best of the rhythm into an original cacophony of soul-funk with enough stank and attitude to become a part of your personal groove.

Take what you will from this, but you will remember that this is a party coming from your speakers. And, if your listening through earbuds, you need to punch yourself in the grill because who goes to a f*cking party wearing earbuds. Yes folks, this is that song.


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