Bipolar Architecture have today released their new video for the single titled ‘Metaphysicize’ from their upcoming album of the same name dropping on February 2nd via Berlin’s Pelagic Records.

Starting with a dark and memorably simple guitar opening, ‘Metaphysicize’ morphs into an orchestrated cacophony of sonic emotion and progressive dark tones.

Bipolar Architecture clearly have found their sound and know exactly how to utilize it for maximum effect, but what really grabbed me was the intricate timing of the timekeeper mixed with the musical cordance that encompasses the ears and punctures the spectrum. This is a song and video that immerse you as it takes your innocence and replaces it with lucid introspection.

When music can do that to you, God help us with what you can do for yourself.

“‘Metaphysicize’ was the first song written for the album and served as a source of inspiration for the songs that follow. The track’s different angles, reflected in Fatih’s jazz-influenced drumming, made writing the whole album an eye-opening experience for us all.

The first song of the album and also its namesake, ‘Metaphysicize’ continues the introspective work of our previous album, ‘Depressionland’. However, this time we’re taking control of these dark emotions and exploring the idea of them as cosmic signs of our collective inter-being.

The video for ‘Metaphysicize’ sees three characters take destiny in their hands as their mobile phones become compasses, helping them find inner balance in a world intent on pulling our attention away from ourselves.”
Sarp Keski

About Bipolar Architecture & ‘Metaphysicize’

The progressive, post-metal four-piece Bipolar Architecture have released a video for ‘Metaphysicize’, the third single from the forthcoming album of the same name, which is set for release on 2nd of February 2024 via Berlin’s Pelagic Records.

A gloriously discordant clash of glacial half-time breakdowns, polyrhythmic post-rock atmospherics and blackened banshee howling from frontman Sarp Keski, ‘Metaphysicize’ is an uncompromising statement of intent from the international outfit who, currently based across Istanbul and Berlin, have been pushing at the boundaries of contemporary metal from their inception.

Hurtling into life in 2020, Bipolar Architecture is a project born from the smouldering ashes of stalwart death-metal group Heretic Soul. Having retained all the nihilistic fury of their former outfit, Bipolar Architecture introduced the forward-thinking ferocity of hardcore as well as the atmospheric dynamism of post-rock, before unleashing this searing new sound on their 2022 debut full-length, ‘Depressionland’, which quickly turned heads and left ears ringing.

As an eponymous album opener, ‘Metaphysicize’ wears the band’s ambitious mission statement proudly on its chest with a thunderous, fists-in-the-air breakdown that evolves effortlessly into something much harder to define… Staccato, jazz-fusion inspired drums are offset by piercing shoegaze guitar work and guttural, black-metal vocals that draw the inquisitive listener further into the album’s philosophical, introspective themes that wrestle with the dark heart of human nature.

Taking place across a futuristic looking Berlin, the video for Bipolar Architecture’s latest single depicts this deeper, contemplative mindset colliding with the noise of our always-online world. Eerie, CCTV-like footage follows our protagonists as their phones steer them towards opportunity whilst Keski’s roar of ‘We are treasures masked behind the curtain’ echoes knowingly.

Resounding with musical maturity and a patience testament to life lessons learned, whilst still shaking with the apocalyptic indignation of the band’s blackened metal origins, ‘Metaphysicize’ will be Bipolar Architecture’s first album to feature lyrics in Keski’s native Turkish; renderin the record a perfect embodiment of the band’s dichotic balance of culture, calm and chaos.

By refusing to rest on their laurels or rely on the comfortable confines of genre, Bipolar Architecture leave their final shape unfixed and their future ripe with potential; because life at the bleeding edge of extreme is so much better without limits.