After setting Ireland’s underground alight in 2023 with over 360,000 streams and placements on, NOTION, Spotify’s Misfits 2.0 and Nialler9. Cork’s Rex Arcum returns with his most unfiltered and confidently aggressive release to date. Rex Arcum is certainly an artist to watch in 2024.

“Corruption’s Last Victim” which was written by Rex Arcum in September of 2023 begins by painting a picture of “a bulletproof Garda walking down Temple Bar” in Dublin, referencing the hyper-focussed presence of armed guards in one small location despite the alarming rise of violence and hate crimes towards minority groups all over Ireland, the first verse states “Right now there’s someone scared to walk home alone, her friend got grabbed last week they were talking on the phone. Right now there’s someone getting beat up for how they identify or the colour of their skin”.

The whole single is fuelled by frustration, yet in a brilliant way the chorus leaves listeners with a satisfying silver lining of optimism with lyrics like “karma comes a’ knocking at the end of the day” and “someone’s listening and feels the same, someone’s son or daughter bringing change to the system” looking towards the future for positive long term change.

“Corruption’s Last Victim” marks the beginning of a new era for Rex Arcum, the track is gritty and heavy with Rex’s immersive, story-telling lyricism accompanied by dark samples and melodies being contrasted with explosive live drums and guitar/bass riffs, ultimately creating a truly unique blend of modern nu-metal.

SOURCE: Official Bio