Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, the deathcore outfit Bless The Child are pleased to release their brand new music video that was produced by Paul Cunningham of Cool World Photography. The music video is for their single “Indiscriminate Annihilation,” which was released on their July 15th full length entitled Walls. Walls was released on Ferocious Records and featured ten tracks of melodic deathcore and death metal. The band is expected to hit the road on several tours throughout 2015 with those plans being announced at a later date.

About Bless The Child:
Coming out of Central Ohio, Bless The Child has risen up to the top of the scene with their massive sound. Between the brutal guitar riffs of Derek Young, Jordan Slack and Steve Shelini, the speed and technique of Mark Evans on the drums and the vicious attack of Brian (Jonesy) Jones, Bless The Child is on a nonstop ride to the top of their scene. They released their Ferocious Records debut, entitled Walls¸ July 15th, 2014. They would go on to join Brace Yourself Management and release a music video.