Few singers have found their niche the way that singer Brian Evans has.

In a world where everything has been seen before, Brian Evans brought to the world the classic music video, “At Fenway,” which features actor William Shatner as the home plate umpire in what has become an iconic production that has garnered close to 12 million views on YouTube, fully sanctioned by Major League Baseball. In 2013, it was added to the library of the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Cut to 2015, and Evans has done it yet again.

The first music video ever to be entirely filmed at the famous “Bates Motel,” the legendary location of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” classic, Brian Evans has brought his original song “Creature” to life at this most famous of movie locations in the world. Comedian Carrot Top has joined Evans on this one, and it’s being prepared for Halloween.

“We intend it to simmer, and it will grow,” says Evans.

Evans, also a writer, is the author of the trilogy “Horrorscope,” which is being groomed to be a major motion picture and television series. Evans just completed “Horrorscope II,” and the audiobook for the first novel is now available at Audible.com and iBooks. “Horrorscope II” will be available next month. He is now working on several new novels, including “The Funny Robbers,” (which he is co-writing with Dan O’Leary and Evan LaRochelle), and “SuperSpy,” which he will be writing with superstar Aaron Carter. Evans will write and release a dozen novels this year.

“I can’t stop writing. It’s manic,” says Evans.

The music videos will not stop either, as Evans is in pre-production to remake the Dolly Parton classic, “Here You Come Again,” which he will film in Amsterdam, followed by his latest sports related tune, “Fast Car, NASCAR,” which he wrote for race fans. He is also working to produce the song “Planet Blue,” which he intends to film during a Virgin Galactic flight, making him the first singer to film a music video from outer space.

“My goal is to do thematic projects that have a shelf life of forever, and are contenders every year,” says Evans. “If you do not do it differently than others, then what is the point of doing it?”

As a singer, Evans has been the opening act for Erasure, most recently, and also for Jay Leno, Joan Rivers, Social Distortion, and a host of others.

As for the song “Creature,” the music video will be distributed throughout the world.

“Where there is Halloween, there will be ‘Creature,’ ‘Carrot Top,’ and myself,” says Evans.

Carrot Top is currently featured in an Esquire Magazine spread nationwide.

“Something great is brewing,” says Evans. “For me, it’s always been about patience and timing. Life happens in between, and when it does, I find my next inspiration.”

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