Bluedaze has today released their new EP titled ‘Flesh’. From that first note of the titled track I new I was in for a raucous ride. A solid mix of alt-rock and vintage post modern style music with a wall of guitars surrounding unique vocals, ‘Flesh’ tears said flesh and leaves enough on the bone for another listen.

A brilliant concept of chaos with each song putting their own stamp on your mind and memory. This is when four songs just aren’t enough.

About Bluedaze

Dreamy surf songs drenched in reverb and catchy melodies are still there, but Bluedaze new self-produced EP ‘Flesh’ marks the shift to darker sound nuances, also influenced by 90s pop/rock.

“We are embodied minds, animated bodies. There is no inside. There is no outside. No distinction between body and mind. Everything we are can be seen on our skin. It’s exposed to the public gaze. This means we are always in danger, but all of us in the same way. We’re all made up of the same thing: whether of flesh or meat will depend on how we choose to act.”

The EP talks about transformation within Bluedaze, not only as a band, but as people too. Because of that, the group wanted to personally curate writing, production, recording, mix, graphics, and video, with a desire to experience complete freedom of movement and see how far it could lead. “Flesh” counts four songs with a diverse sound, expressing different sides of the same question: how do you deal with things that are coming to an end?

The relationship between body and world is the main theme of the lead single “Flesh”, first excerpt of the EP. Written at the initial stage of change, the title-track is about when you stare at yourself in the mirror wondering who you’ve become. It’s an attempt to find an answer, which is blurred, temporary and chaotic, but at least somewhat of an answer.

The following song is “Knife”, a fit of quiet anger ready to explode, that slithers beneath the surface, showing all the cracks and frailties of things in its path. “You better run” is a moment of full awareness, the need for detachment and the search for a new personal space. “Standing still” closes the EP expressing the feeling of being trapped in a perennial today, while everything around us is moving faster and faster.