Emika Love has today released her new single titled ‘Mueve Tu Cuerpo’. Delving into Latin soul with a smooth underground sound, Emika shows what a good grind dance song is with a beat and rhythm that gives as much as it gets.

That feeling of bounce and strut within said rhythm give the listener a freedom of movement that rarely comes along unless it is the result of groupthink. This is liberation set to music.

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About ‘Mueve Tu Cuerpo’

With encapsulating vocals and a sensual melody, “Mueve Tu Cuerpo” will transport listeners to the feeling of dancing on their favorite beach on a hot summer night. Emika’s alluring lyrics, coupled with a sexy Latin beat, create a vibrant, pulsating energy. Listeners will be whisked away with the track’s effortless flow, masterfully evoking the blissful experience of carefree nights and endless possibilities. The song’s title – “Move Your Body,” translated – truly encapsulates the musical experience of the track.

As Emika describes, “This is a party song that means move your body and let free. It’s a song that talks about having a good time and living in the moment.” Emika Love’s devotion to inspiring positive feelings within her listeners shines through in “Mueve Tu Cuerpo,” with lyrics such as “the night is young, clear the mind, As we laugh and smile, it feels like a dream.” The song was written by Emika Love and produced by Lou Xtwo.

Emika’s musical journey began under perfectly serendipitous circumstances, as she found herself placed in an elective guitar class during high school. Deeply inspired by the instrument, Emkia eventually found herself taking her newfound passion further as she fearlessly delved into the world of vocals, pouring her heart into songwriting. Through much experimentation, Emika honed in on her genre-blending sound, integrating influences from pop, R&B, and dancehall music. Majorly influenced by Michael Jackson’s all-encompassing approach to artistry, Emika found herself immersed in every step of artistic expression.

From crafting lyrics and developing melodies to costume styling, video directing, and choreographing dances, Emika completely romanticizes the creative process. Moreover, she begins her process with the visuals and builds her story around them, a unique method that distinctly characterizes her work. Emika’s creativity emanates as an unstoppable force, intertwining seamlessly with the essence of her songs. She gracefully transforms her artistic expression into a captivating tapestry, infusing each track with intangible passion. Ultimately, Emika believes music is “art within art” and has the power to uplift her mood instantaneously. She strives to provide healing and happiness to her fans through her music.

About Emika Love

Emika Love is a talented singer and songwriter hailing from Sacramento, California. Emika’s passion for music started in high school when she was randomly thrown into a guitar class as an elective. Initially skeptical, she eventually grew to love the instrument and started experimenting with vocals soon after, even penning down songs in the process.

Emika considers music to be a form of art within art and loves the various aspects of it, including writing, melody, music video concepts, directing, costumes, and makeup. She believes that music has the power to change moods and can make a difference in people’s lives. Emika draws inspiration from various genres such as pop, R&B, world, and dancehall, and creates music that makes people feel good and groovy.

As an artist, Emika stands out from the crowd due to her indefatigable character and work ethic. She is a multitasker who juggles different aspects of music production, such as singing, songwriting, directing, choreography, clothing design, event planning, scouting people, and videography. Her major musical influences include Michael Jackson, whom she admires for his impact and legacy.

Emika’s upcoming releases showcase her main themes of unity, spreading love, and appreciating all aspects of life. She has been compared to other artists such as Doja Cat, Fergie, and Dua Lipa. Her new single, “Bad Day Not Life” will be released this Spring.