London rock trio Bottomless Brunch make their explosive debut with the new single ‘Pawn’.

Comprising Tyler Adams on vocals and guitar, Tim Beavis on bass, and Jake Saunders on drums, this dynamic three-piece band has already begun to gain attention for their electrifying live performances ahead of their debut release. Drawing inspiration from the eclectic vibes of London’s streets and produced by acclaimed engineer Tim Greaves (Southsea Sound), the band are influenced by rock legends like Queens of the Stone Age, Muse, and Royal Blood, showcase a raw energy as well as impactful and expressive musicianship.

Offering a first taste of the band’s high-octane, vibrant rock sound, ‘Pawn’ wastes no time introducing the punching drums, grinding distortion soaked bass and tight, soaring guitar riffs that characterize the bands musical approach. Led by the urgent, expressive and effortlessly infectious lead vocals, the track captures a catchy lead vocal to reflect against their alt-rock tendencies. Picking up steam throughout, the track climaxes in an explosive and euphoric climax.

Speaking about the track, the band explain: “Pawn is about how positive emotions can overpower and warp the mind, so much so that those positive feelings become negative. How you can be so head-over-heels in love with something or someone, at the detriment of your very sanity. We have all experienced or seen this, be it a fixation with a hobby or infatuation with a lover. And if you’re not careful you can soon become a pawn in someone’s twisted game.”

Delving into themes of love, loss, and relentless ambition, the band aim to encapsulate the diverse and vibrant London music culture whilst capturing a unique, considered yet intense rock sound.

Featured image by Kira Cosgrave.

SOURCE: Official Bio